With SigmaHacks 3, our team's mission is to provide hackers around the world with the resources and opportunities they need to solve a socioeconomic problem affecting a specific region, allowing us to foster innovation, encourage diversity, and make progress in areas that are typically overshadowed and overlooked.

As with all of our events, SigmaHacks 3 will feature unique experiences and opportunities available to all participants, in addition to engaging activities and thousands of dollars in both cash and technology prizes.

We hope you enjoy the event!

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A track is designed for hackers to solve problems in a certain industry, build using a specific technology, or tackle issues in a specific field. During the event, you must choose at least one track for your project, but you are free to choose more than one if you wish.


Over the past year, health has become a vital part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, healthcare is a provision that millions around the world do not have access to today. Create projects that deliver information and resources to keep others safe during the ongoing pandemic, or center your focus on assisting impoverished communities to make healthcare better accessible to the general public!


As a result of poverty and discrimination in various places, education remains inaccessible to millions of children. In addition, education as a system has been drastically affected in the last year, and many have been negatively impacted by the shift to remote learning. Hack away to help bridge the gap between in-person learning and online education, address the academic barrier in certain communities, and advocate for educational opportunities around the world!


One of the most impending issues facing this generation is climate change and the rapid destruction of our planet. Environmental concerns such as pollution, deforestation, and global warming have yet to be properly addressed, and you have the power to make a difference! For this track, develop products that promote climate activism, raise awareness, target specific climatic problems, or contribute to current efforts to preserve the world around us!